4 reasons why you should make your homemade beauty products?

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The skin covers almost our entire body. It is exposed to pressure, cold, heat, water, air, pathogens etc. Nature has given the skin amazing ability to regenerate and rejuvenate. Here you find 4 reasons why you should make your homemade beauty products.

Nice, healthy, soft skin and also well-groomed hair are very important to our well-being. Protection against harmful external influences and also a visible sign of vitality and strength.

With good intentions, we use more and more care products. For instance creams, lotions, face toners, shower gels, shampoos, conditioners and many more. 

Unfortunately, most of these products contain synthetic ingredients, often based on mineral oils. They always have the same characteristics, are easily available, make care products easier for industrial processing and have a long shelf life.

The essence of modern shampoos, balms and other products lies in the fact that they give immediate improvement in the appearance of hair and skin. 


The use of most care products is not necessary. The natural healthy skin is able to defend against most external influences. Synthetic products can also be replaced with natural ingredients.


4 reasons why you should make your homemade beauty products?

  1. Good for health. Unhealthy and artificial ingredients you can substitute with products containing natural ingredients. They can help your body to return its balance rather than being dependent on synthetic care for instance.
  2. Good for the environment. Self-made products reduce plastic consumption and the amount of rubbish produced. In addition, you can use regional ingredients with shorter transport times.
  3. Good value for money. Self-made products are almost always more affordable.
  4. Good for you. Self-production gives joy and stimulates creativity. Also strengthens self-confidence and makes you a little more independent.

Give your body some time and a chance to run natural self-regulation mechanisms and then you’ll be able to use fewer products or at least more natural products.

Inspire yourself and make your life a little greener.

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