Use proper diet and sleep to avoid migraine

migraine headache
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How to avoid migraine? What is migraine? Use proper diet and sleep to avoid migraine and soon you’ll see the difference.

Migraines cannot be cured 100%. You have to prevent or learn to live with it. I call my migraine a “friend” because she is always with me when I feel stress or under the influence of strong emotions. Over the past 20 years, I’ve learned what helps me survive an attack. Proper diet and sleep are the most important. Check, maybe it will help you too?

What is migraine?

Migraine is a medical condition that causes severe headaches. Usually the focus of pain is one-sided. In most cases, women suffer from it more than a man, and it can be extremely onerous. Migraine differs from ordinary headache by several features: pain is pulsating and strong, chronic. The attack can last up to 72 hours. Migraine often interferes with everyday life. It makes concentration difficult, sometimes it slows you down.

How do I deal with a migraine attack?

I’m not an expert, I didn’t like my neurologist, so I stopped going to her. The resonance showed no irregularities. So I decided to call the migraine “friend” and learn to live with her. I gave her the name Migraine, and our relationship has been going on for a good 20 years.


The proper diet to avoid migraine is a very important element in the prevention and treatment of migraine headaches. It is now known that diet and selection of food products affect the incidence of migraine attacks. There is a very long list of foods that can cause migraines, which does not mean that a sick person must eliminate them all.

Migraine attacks can be caused by triggers, which include – in addition to food, alcohol and hunger – including stress and relaxation after stress, hormone imbalance, too long or too short sleep, fatigue, drugs, violent weather changes, staying at high altitudes , bright light.

People with migraines should eat fresh products that are not stored for too long. Meals should be cooked on a regular basis, do not eat leftovers from a few days ago. It is best to freeze leftovers from lunch or dinner at once and use later.

Regular sleep

Both too little and too much sleep negatively affect the body, increasing the chance of migraine. The optimal dose of sleep for an adult is 8 hours. The right amount of sleep should also be accompanied by regularity. Inserting and falling asleep at a similar time can significantly reduce headache. Easy to say I know! But it works! Trust me.


Regular exercise helps prevent migraine. When moving, endorphins are released, hormones that reduce pain. In addition, exercises help reduce tension and de-stress even after the hardest day of work. A good alternative to running or aerobics can also be relaxation exercises that will have a positive effect on both the muscles and the mind – yoga or meditation.

Keeping a diary

Keeping a nutrition diary is very helpful in identifying foods that cause migraines. Rarely, migraine is associated with actual food allergies. Most often, an attack is the result of hypersensitivity to a given chemical component of a food product.


Unfortunately, there are no ways to let get rid of migraine completely, and no one really knows the answer. 

But following few simple steps above can reduce it by even 50%. I have been dealing with my “friend” for long time now, likely she is not coming back so often anymore. 

I wish you all good health!

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