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Shortbread pastry with raspberries

Amazing shortbread pastry with raspberries and meringue. A great combination of sour raspberries in a delicate shortcrust pastry with a delicious meringue.

Chocolate mousse dessert

Chocolate mousse dessert. It’s chocolate heaven. Dark chocolate mousse with eggs and whipped cream. It is fluffy, creamy and very chocolatey. Egg whites and whipped…

Chocolate brownie

Here is my best chocolate brownie recipe. The cake is intense chocolate, moist and soft. Home smells wonderful with chocolate when baking. The recipe is…

Cinnamon buns

Fluffy cinnamon buns

Cinnamon buns with or without frosting. These are very simple buns that, in principle, can be made from not very sweet yeast dough. Today’s proposal is a soft and delicately buttery, cinnamon buns.

Shortbread - butter cookies

Shortbread butter cookies

Crispy, crunchy, delicate shortbread – butter cookies. They are very simple and quick to prepare. You can cut out any shape and freely decorate them. Perfect for tea or coffee.

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